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Adopting functional programming in an existing software development organization is plagued with difficulties. Challenges include how to manage, maintain, and evolve existing systems with your new vision in a sustainable way while building expertise in a systematic functional mindset.

This talk reviews some of the lessons learned over several years of growing a functional discipline at primarily mainstream approach organizations to building backend services and infrastructure in Scala and Haskell to satisfy business needs where mainstream software development approaches were failing to produce.

Technical leaders, engineering managers, and individual software developers should expect to learn some approaches to:
- reducing risks associated with introducing new methods to an organization
- growing a learning culture from the ground up with support from the top
- transitioning from ad-hoc workaround-based implementations with example-based usages to more defined understanding of the problem domain by considering domain and system properties and translating that from business to code at multiple levels.

Target Audience

Technical leaders, engineering managers, and individual software developers



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