Lenses are bidirectional transformations between pairs of connected structures. Asymmetric lenses, where one of those two connected structures is taken to be primary, have been extensively studied. Lenses were first proposed to solve the view-update problem of tree-like data structures by Foster et. al and have also been applied to the construction of a relational database query language. Other work has altered the primitive structure of lenses to achieve different results.

The lens data structure has recently gained increasing attention as a technique for generic programming on algebraic data types. Lenses have been written about using various programming languages including Haskell and Scala and using many different representations.

In this talk, we will look at the lens data structure and its representations, then discuss the trade-offs and motivations for revisions. Some of the theory is discussed, before we look at the most recent incarnation of lenses by Edward Kmett, which take the Twan van Laarhoven representation, apply it to practice and also develops the theory further resulting in to the Control.Lens module.

Control.Lens resolves many of the practical limitations of lenses that had been encountered by earlier implementors by exploiting some insights that had not previously been published.

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