Living in Big Data with Vector Functional Programming

This talk explores big data using vector functional programming. These languages enable rapid interactive development of concise and efficient applications. Vectors are a natural low impedance abstraction for dealing with high performance relational and NoSQL column stores. We use the k language and kdb+ database to illustrate the vector applicative style and idioms of FP through examples working efficiently with big data.

Vector languages are heavily used in finance and insurance for analysis of large time series. Vector/Array dynamic languages originated with APL family and include NIAL, J and k and databases such as Kdb+, MonetDB and Vectorwise. The have inspired array extensions in other general languages, such as Python NumPy and NamedTuple; and special purpose GPUs. Often these languages are considered high barrier languages because the compact notation and vector thinking require an investment to develop proficiently. Broaden your FP knowledge and understand the joy and power vector FP.


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