What is the Most Common Street Name in Australia?

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Finding the most common street name in Australia may sound relatively simple, but it quickly leads to other questions. What is a street name? Do The Avenue, The Grand Parade and The Serpentine all share the same name? And what is a street? Is the M5 Motorway a street? What about M5 Motorway Offramp?

This talk will answer these questions using Open Street Map and Python. In particular, reading in and manipulating Open Street Map data using geopandas; exploring the structure of Open Street Map and creating models for parsing street names. And finding the most common street name in Australia.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1 - 3 minutes: Problem introduction and motivation

3 - 7 minutes: Open Street Map (OSM) data. An introduction on what data you can get from OSM and how you can access it using Python.

7 - 13 minutes: What is a street? Here I will introduce different OSM attributes. From these attributes I will define what a street is. For example, in OSM any kind of road, street or path is part of the Highway class of objects. This class includes many objects which are typically not considered streets, such as those of type escape - runaway truck ramps and arrester beds. I will define a street as a named public street or road that allows motorised vehicles.

13 - 20 minutes: What is a street name? Here I will develop a model that divides street names into three parts: the name, the type (e.g., street, road etc.) and an optional description (e.g., East, offramp etc.). For example, the street River Road West has the name River, type Road and a descriptor West. Once we have answered this question we can finally answer...

20 - 25 minutes: What is the most common street name in Australia? What is the most common street name in each state? In this section we will dive into our now clean data set of Australian streets names to see what we can find.

25 - 30 minutes: Conclusion + questions

Learning Outcome

  • An understanding of OpenStreetMap and how to use python, in particular geopandas, with it
  • Considerations when developing a naming model
  • Good trivia questions

Target Audience

People interested in geospatial data, python or trivia

Prerequisites for Attendees

None (the Python parts of the talk will be more conceptual rather than full on coding)



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