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Most people are aware of the impact machine learning will have on jobs, on the future of research and autonomous machines, but few seem to be aware of the future role machine learning could play in the creative arts, in visual art and music. What will art be like when artists and musicians routinely work collaboratively with machines to create new and interesting artworks? What can we learn from art created using neural networks and what can we create? From the frivolous to the beautiful what does art created by computers look like and where can it take us?

This talk will explore magenta in tensorflow and neural style in caffe, google deep dream, next Rembrandt, and convolutional neural networks. I will look into some of the beautiful applications of machine learning in art and some of the ridiculous ones as well.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction to me and my work
  • Exploration of the current art based ML technology
    • Deep dream
    • A neural algorithm of style
    • Torch
    • Magenta
  • Fun and frivolous uses of these technologies
    • Puppyslugs
    • Floral dinosaurs
    • Christmas carols
    • Faceapp
  • High end art projects
    • Next Rembrandt
    • Recursion
  • Future applications
  • Conclusion
  • Questions

Learning Outcome

New outcomes for existing ML technology, inspiration and techniques for those interested in visually based machine learning outcomes

Target Audience

Machine learning enthusiasts, amateurs or people interested in a visual respite



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