What Working with Diverse Teams Really Means

location_city Sydney schedule Dec 6th 02:25 - 02:55 PM AEST place The Loft

What does diversity really mean when we talk about teams? Team members from different countries or cultural backgrounds? Team members with different levels of experience and different technical skills? Cross-functional teams? Teams in different locations? Diversity of thought?

In reality its all of those things and each of them has its own challenges. In this talk we look at how we can create high-performing diverse teams through purposeful communication and actions.

There are advantages and disadvantages of diverse teams, the most obvious advantage is that diversity can lead to better solutions through differences of opinion. But how do you manage this conflict in the team? How do you turn conflict into creativity and innovation?

What if they're all being too nice to each other and there is no conflict?! We will look at how you can build teams that trust each other and are not afraid to fail.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

We will look at diversity stats in the tech industry, and trends over time.

Case study example of why non-diverse teams fail

Advantages of diverse teams

What are the challenges of working in a diverse team?

How do you help people transition from one type of team to another

Why team culture and a 'Team Manifesto' is so important

Forming, storming, norming, performing

Recognising performance in someone who doesn't think or look like you!

Recruiting for success

Key learnings summary

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn why diverse teams are so important, what the key challenges are with them, how to steer a diverse team to success.

They will also learn how to recruit and manage performance for people with different skills, backgrounds, brains!

Target Audience

Anyone who is currently working in, leading or wants to lead a diverse technology team.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing at all



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