Building Containerised Microservices with Swift

There’s nothing better than containerizing things. Everybody loves microservices. Brand new programming languages are the new hotness.

In this session, we’ll combine all three: we’ll explore the use of Swift for the construction of microservices, which we’ll containerize using Docker. Learn how to use your mobile development skills for non-mobile Swift development.

Focusing on the Swift open source project’s releases, we’ll walk through Swift setup, installation, community, and tools, and then teach the basics of Swift programming as we create and containerize a simple micro service. We’ll be using Docker for Mac.

By the end of this session, attendees will:

  • understand the basics of Swift
  • know how to install, and work with Swift on Linux
  • know how to build a simple microservice with Swift
  • be aware of the possibilities of combining Swift with Docker

We promise, despite the buzzwords, this is actually useful! Inch ever closer to being a full-stack developer using only Swift.


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