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The Journalists of the ICIJ used graph technology to understand the relationships between the leaked pieces of information in the Panama and Paradise Papers.

NBC News applied graph algorithms to the messages and follower networks of Russian Twitter trolls to gain further insights.

The Trumpworld organizational data correlated with US bills and government contracts offers starting points for further investigations.

New tools like graph databases allow data journalists to understand the intricate networks of the criminal, economic and political world better as those three examples show. Each journalist adding new connections helps others to validate their stories. They say "It's like magic".

Join Michael for a look behind the scenes of graph based data ingestion, analysis and investigation.

We will use the open source graph database Neo4j, data visualization and graph algorithms to read between the lines.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. present 3 examples of investigative journalism using graphs
  2. what is a graph database / graph analytics
  3. deeper dive into one with data modeling, import, analysis, visualization
  4. demonstrate available tools and specific challenges / solutions for journalists
  5. applications beyond journalism
  6. q&a

Learning Outcome

  • each attendee should know the starting points and understand the approach to import and combine existing information into a graph
  • they should be able to visualize and query the information and know where to look for running additional graph analysis
  • at the same time it's important to know the limits of this approach esp. in professions like journalism, criminal investigation etc.

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees


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