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In the last 30 years I have been a software engineer, a game developer, and a game designer. My YOW talk will be about the difference of those three titles. When my current boss asked me what I wanted my new title to be I choose Senior Game Developer. To me a game developer is something in between someone that implements rules and a game designer.

In the 1980s I taught myself to write software and make games on my Commodore 64. After College, in 1989, I landed a job developing the software for pinball machines, writing code in 6809 assembler. I am still doing that today except its in C++. Developing games is a blast but its been a journey of challenges and solutions. My YOW talks will also be about the challenges of creating something fun, on time and on budget, of course.


Target Audience

Come to talk about what game development is and how software engineering helps



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