Test Driven Development: That’s Not What We Meant

location_city Sydney schedule Dec 8th 01:20 - 02:10 PM place Green Room people 274 Interested

Test-Driven Development (TDD) has been so successful that it’s now unfashionable. But many developers complain that being required to write tests just gets in the way of shipping features. That wasn’t our experience when we first stumbled onto TDD a dozen years ago, so what went wrong? Were we fooling ourselves, or did the message get confused along the way?

In this talk, I will revisit the basics, the essence of what makes TDD work. I will look at some of the common difficulties that I see with teams that are struggling. I will show how understanding the principles means that we can use tests to help us deliver more effectively.


Target Audience

Software engineers, testers, technical leaders and anyone interested in testing or TDD.



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