Agile Dependencies: When "going cross-functional" is not an option

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Small, cross-functional teams are the "bread & butter" of Agile environments. Amongst many advantages, they help remove delays introduced by dependencies between groups. Unfortunately, many organizations find it difficult to reorganize their teams to be cross-functional, and even when they do, it's practically impossible to remove all dependencies, leaving many teams in the need to find ways to orchestrate work across various groups that work using different processes.

This talk will explore the problem of intra-team dependencies, its impact in Customer flow, and practical strategies team-level leaders (as well as system-level leaders) can apply to help make the whole system more responsive, fit-for-purpose, and agile. In particular, the talk will describe Dynamic Reservation Systems, an advanced dependency management technique.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • The limits of cross-functional teams: economic constraints, specialized expertise, bounded contexts & conceptual integrity
  • Sources of delay: queues & backlogs, bottlenecks, "shared resources", and their effect on Flow Efficiency
  • Navigating Dependencies from various Points of View: upstream and downstream dependencies, concurrent dependencies, shared services
  • The tricky business of synchronizing the future: Dynamic Reservation Systems, and how to introduce one in your organization
  • "Let it be! Let it be": when just letting dependencies happen may be the most economical option (and how to make it so)



Learning Outcome

Participants can expect to leave the session with:

  • Better understanding of realities of cross-functionality and dependency management
  • A conceptual model to think about the problem of managing interactions between agile teams
  • Practical, context-specific strategies to tackle usual scenarios for intra-team dependencies, leading to improved systemic agility
  • An introduction to more advanced techniques that become available once basic dependency management is in place

Target Audience

Delivery Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Team Members

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