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"How well is your delivery team doing?" That seems like a straightforward question, but it is more complicated that it might sound at first. Do we know what it means to "do well" or is it one of those things that is different to everyone?

In this session we will discuss how we can meaningfully measure a teams output and what we can learn from the measurements. We will also touch on common pitfalls and provide insight in how to avoid them.

You will walk away with information on how to design metrics for your own purposes, and get started with some concrete examples to measure productivity of a delivery team. In short, you will have all the information to answer "how well your team is doing" meaningfully.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • what to measure
  • pitfalls
  • how to design good metrics
  • examples of delivery metrics

Learning Outcome

  • learn how to design metrics for your own purpose
  • learn one data point that tells you more about the productivity of your team than any other data point can
  • know where to start


Target Audience

Anyone who wants to learn how to measure results

Prerequisites for Attendees


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