In 2019, Corus embarked on a transformational project to modernize their enterprise broadcast system in a unique partnership with the software vendor. Join us as we share our agile journey where geographically distributed client and vendor agile teams collaborate on building modernized operational broadcast software. 


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

In 2019, Corus embarked on a transformational project to modernize their enterprise broadcast system in a unique partnership with the software vendor. 

We will share with you the story behind how we:

  • Structured the teams and leveraged Scrum across both organizations
  • Lead by example to promote a cultural change towards agility
  • Brought greater value to both Corus and vendor through product collaboration

Key factors and approaches that made for a successful transformation:

  • Creating an agile team of client end-users to collaboratively work with vendor developers
  • Clear and shared product vision across both client and vendor
  • Adapting agile frameworks for geographically distributed and client-vendor collaborative teams

Learning Outcome

Attendees can expect to gain best practices with respect to geographically distributed and client-vendor collaborative teams: 

  • Framework for structuring teams & Scrum events

  • Managing a shared backlog 

  • How to establish Agile in a Waterfall organization

  • How to prepare for potential challenges when working with teams across countries & cultures 

  • Value of building strong relationships

Target Audience

Geographically distributed teams; Anyone interested in learning how to build an agile team with members across countries, cultures, and time zones; Vendor-customer collaborative agile teams;

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees should have a base understanding of agile values and principals, as well as the Scrum framework.

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