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The move away from traditional ways of working and thinking to digitalization leads to change in the way we work, learn and measure. It is important to understand how the digital economy has shifted our ways of working in a digital organization from strategy to execution.

Join us in game play where we will explore Digital Product Management and the Critical Success Factors, Events and Skills needed to create value flow to customers. The original Plan to Win! game was a physical board game. We have now converted it to an electronic game that can be played by any number of people at once all over the world. We would like to beta test this during a session at this conference.  


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Using our Plan to Win!© game, we take players through the five levels of Agile planning.

During the play people:

  • are rewarded for developing skills needed at each level
  • are rewarded for behaviors that help the organization succeed
  • pay for behaviors that hurt growth
  • Invest in Critical Success Factors
  • Invest in Events (needed to be successful at each level)

Attendees will be assigned to teams and given access to the game. We will do a debrief at the end of the session to get feedback for ongoing improvements. 

Learning Outcome

Participants will have a new understanding for the following:

  • Investments needed at each level of Agile Planning
  • Events needed to support each level of Agile Planning
  • Critical Success Factors and Skills needed at each level of Agile Planning
  • The importance of each level and the Value Stream from Concept to Cash

Here is a link to the learning in the game. We will not cover all this material line by line, this will be available to participants online: https://powersds-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/p/tchristian/EXeozqV2NGRPtuWT02aD_cEBb-WBabPym6VP92xenAHTpQ?e=vkH9qu

Game play is meant to introduce the investments and skills needed at each level of planning, they will not gain an in-depth understanding but more of an introduction. The game is available for play afterwards. 

Also, opportunity for us to learn about how the game works and to fully test functionality. 

Target Audience

Anyone interested in the five levels of agile planning and testing a new concept.

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Desire to learn
  • Fundamentals in Business Agility


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