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Agile is about keeping pace with change. Inclusion ensures we bring everyone along with us.

Agile initially brought a bunch of individuals cross-functional specialists together to work as a team. This cross-functional team was able to deliver complex products more quickly. The concept of diverse teammates looking at a problem and sharing their perspective from their skill background proved to be the ideal way in creating solutions that meet the needs of domestic customers.

As companies execute on their digital strategy, products are now global. Having cross-functional teams are no longer sufficient. Agile teams need to be cross-functional AND diverse to meet the needs of global customers.

In our talk, we will discuss the importance and competitive need to make your teams diverse. They will also share their experiences of integrating diverse members into the team.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report


  1. Our perspective on the power of agile
    1. solving for complexity in an ever-changing work
    2. Cross-functional teams collaborating is the best way to deliver for complexity and unknown (holistic solution-ing)
    3. Frequently inspect and adapt
  2. Amping up Agility
    • Data to prove it
      Team soloing gets multiple perspectives. Cross-functional thinking allows you to think of ideas holistically across different functions.
    • Cross-functional no longer sufficient. We need diverse backgrounds, diverse experiences, diverse talents to make good teams - super teams
    • Our definition of Diversity is not about equality, it’s about building high performance
    • For Diversity to happen we need an Inclusive environment
  3. Personal experiences of integrating diverse members and the successes

Learning Outcome

The learning outcome is that diverse teams deliver quality better. Attendees will learn the data to explain why to their organizations. Attendees will learn some strategies to create an inclusive environment to attract and retain this top diverse talent.

Target Audience

Leaders, Team Members, Product, Scrum Teams, Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

Let their curiosity read articles on the power of cognitive diversity.


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  • Joanne Stone

    Joanne Stone - Courageous Agile - Making the Elephant Visible

    60 Mins

    How much of what we do requires courage to ask for what we need? How many times are you asked to make a team agile and the team or leadership is not ready? What stops teams from speaking up about what is upsetting them? Who has the courage in the room to speak up what needs to be said and to do what needs to be done?

    Having the courage can be made easier once you have tools and are willing to be vulnerable to take that first step. Teams that can step into this courage are more successful and more productive.

    In this talk, Joanne will explore what is needed in our teams and ourselves to bring the elephant onto the table and into the light for all to see. Once we make the elephant visible it can be addressed.

    Using a variety of techniques such as team happiness, team agreement, safety checks, assumptions, clean language, retrospectives and self awareness (conscious leadership) you are able to take that step more courageously.

    Courage will start with you and can make a difference to our lives and our teams. Do you want to explore more? Join Joanne.

  • 40 Mins
    Experience Report

    Project delivery is complex and subject to numerous sources of delay and risks. In this talk we explore why software delivery struggles due to technical constraints between a web of teams. Most importantly, what techniques can be applied to simplify delivery and improve time to market. This includes a real world case study where System Thinking techniques are utilized to achieve amazing customer outcomes.