All ScrumMasters yearn for their teams to become more effective agilists. It’s common for this yearning to turn into frustration when working with people who just don't get it. Before we know it, we’re speaking disparagingly about who we’re there to help - throwing our hands in the air, giving up and being unhappy in our roles as ScrumMaster.

News flash! ScrumMasters will, by definition, ALWAYS be in situations where the people around them haven’t mastered Scrum. When that stops being true, you’ll just be moved to another team that does need your help.

Come to this session if you want to learn how to enjoy every day of your amazing journey, develop compassion for your team, link the work you’re doing now back to your life’s purpose and rediscover that spark for your role as an agile change agent.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

0:00 Introduction to topic and speaker

0:03 Normalize that we all get frustrated with the pace of change

0:08 News flash! ScrumMasters are in a perpetual state of agile transformation

0:013 The power of the perspectives we take and how to be intentional about our perspective as ScrumMasters.

0:17 Activity: Rediscover your spark with the Original Myth exercise (this an extremely effective coaching tool participants will use to explore their relationship with their role)

0:25 How to discover your life’s purpose and what you can learn about it from your current role as a ScrumMaster

0:35 Five things you can do today to change your perspective and start loving your journey

0:39 Closing with words of encouragement, support and that we’re all in this together “Transforming the world of work”.

Learning Outcome

  1. Recognize that ScrumMasters will always be working with people who haven’t yet mastered Scrum
  2. Evaluate why they do what they do
  3. Plan out how to start enjoying every step of the journey today

Target Audience

Everyone dealing with resistance in an agile adoption.


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