Doodling is a powerful way of making thinking visible. Including graphical elements in our conversations and note-taking helps us to quickly share ideas, see patterns and connections, stimulate creative thinking and have fun all the while. Getting together with markers in hand increases presence and focus because multiple senses are engaged in playing with the ideas at hand. And doodling enables us to share complex ideas quickly and effectively, which leads to new insights and better problem-solving.

If you can hold a marker, you can quickly learn to doodle simple graphics that will add creativity and depth to your meeting artifacts and personal notes. You do not need to be an artist to use drawing to enrich how you communicate with others - it's about communication over artistry. In this hands-on workshop we'll practice skills that will enable you to confidently pick up a marker to share your thinking. And we'll put your new superpowers to work through some friendly drawing games that will help you build your personal visual vocabulary.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Warmup activity: Collaborative drawing ice-breaker
  • Why visual thinking is important for shared understanding and creativity
  • Drawing skill-building: Simple doodling techniques - lines, the 12 basic shapes, people, shading and shadows
  • Drawing skill-building: Symbols - using pictograms and ideograms to represent ideas
  • Drawing skill-building: Putting it all together - containers & frames.
  • Drawing activity: Agile pictionary
  • Drawing activity: Collaborative drawing to create shared meaning

Learning Outcome

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • simple techniques for creating attractive drawings
  • how to complex ideas using pictograms and ideograms
  • how to create a personal visual vocabulary for daily use
  • have fun with team mates while improving shared understanding

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

no prerequisites

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