Teams are becoming more and more complex in today’s product development world. This is due to a lot of influences like distributed teams, different capability levels, past work experiences of the team members, leaders who provide direction to the teams, complex client requirements that change very often and many more

Hence it becomes very important to understand what type of teams we are working with so that we can provide the right leadership for the teams to work at their optimum levels and at the same time enjoy their work.

The Cynefin framework provides a new dimension to the current contexts that helps in explaining what type of team we are working with and / or solutions that we can apply to help the teams to build better products. It draws on research into complex adaptive systems theory, cognitive science, anthropology, and narrative patterns, as well as evolutionary psychology, to describe problems, situations, and systems. It not only explores the relationship between people, experience, and context but also proposes new approaches to communication, decision-making, policy-making, and knowledge management in complex social environments.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction to Cynefin Framework - 10 minutes

Today's complex product development environment - 5 minutes

Applying cyenfin Framework and understanding teams - 10 minutes

Why and benefits - 10 minutes

Q&A - 5 minutes

Learning Outcome

  1. Knowing the current complexities that exist in the teams
  2. A new dimension to understanding the teams through Cynefin framework
  3. Explore / problem solving within your teams applying Cynefin framework approach
  4. Help teams build better products by helping them understand themselves and their environment

Target Audience

Leaders, Management, People leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Projector and screen


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