Accelerate your business transformation 2x using Enterprise Social Systems

In today’s markets, companies are seeking solutions to quickly adjust to market disruptions while trying to deliver more value to their customers with greater speed, predictability, quality and accuracy in decision-making, without compromising the company’s stability. As many companies have become digital, i.e. their primary means of communication with markets, customers and business is exclusively done through the Web, this is especially challenging. Some organizations have turned to Scrum and Agile processes for help with solving this problem.

Yet, the many senior leaders that have embraced Agile and Scrum have the feeling that something is not working as expected. Alternatively, many feel the desired benefits from adopting Scrum and Agile have not been fully achieved. While we have experienced the exponential grow of supercomputing power, we are still using old structures, paradigms and beliefs to structure our organizations.

Enterprise Social Systems will give you a fresh insight into how a hyperproductive organization works and accelerate your business transformation 2x o more.


This workshop is for Agile consultants, Leaders, Scrum Masters or everyone thinking of running an Agile transformation in their company.

Be aware that this is a very dynamic session, you should be ready to talk, move and experience new ideas. You will learn how to solve your current problems using Enterprise Social Systems and get many new ideas to experiment with.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The workshop has 5 parts:

1. Participants choose a problem to solve
2. They try to solve it using the traditional techniques.
3. They lear Enterprise Social Systems
4. They practice them with the plan created previously.
5. They learn more about the change framework 


Learning Outcome

People are able to understand the ESS theory, use the tools and use the change framework.

Target Audience

Leaders, Agile Consultants, Agile coaches, anyone trying to run an Agile transformation.

Prerequisites for Attendees

This session doesn't require participants to know anything in paticular but have the will to start changing the company and making them more flexible.

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