Have you heard people talking about Test Driven Development (TDD) but never tried it? Now is the time to try! This session will lead its participants through a programming challenge. Don't worry, it's safe. We're going to do a technical version of "follow the leader," where you will do the programming by following along with the session's facilitator. We'll debrief the exercise at the end. Please do bring a laptop or be willing to pair up with someone who does.

We will use the Python programming language, and PythonAnywhere web-based environment to avoid setup and configuration activities. You do NOT need to know Python (or any programming) to participate.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

7 minutes: Intro to the goal of the session, make sure everyone is connected to the development environment, explain how it will work.

73 minutes: Leading people through the programming exercise, using TDD approach of Red/Green/Refactor. That means, write the test, make it pass, and then improve the structure of the code.

10 minutes: A structured debrief of the exercise, analyzing what people noticed, how it felt, and how they might relate it to their everyday work.

Learning Outcome

Experience Test Driven Development (TDD)

Understand why TDD is valuable

Feel the safety of making code changes when automated tests are present

Be able to take this exercise back to your company and lead the activity



Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Developers, Curious Folks, Team Members, QA

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should bring a laptop to the session, or come to the session with someone who has a laptop. For those who attend and do not have a laptop with them, they can pair up with another session participant who has one.

No prerequisite knowledge is required. The development environments will be provided.

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