Your scrum master is not your administrative assistant

The role of a scrum master often look simple. When you look at most of the job description the scrum master is now a glorify project manager. Is that the real nature of a scrum master? What should be the real job of a scrum master. How can a organization know if it's a good scrum master?


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Definition of what I've been observing of scrum master role
  • What's the problem with the current state of the scrum mastering
  • What should be the role of the scrum master
  • Tool to help the scrum master 

Learning Outcome

Attendee should have a better understanding of the role a scrum master and how to know if a scrum master is effective. 

Scrum master should also be more aware of what they should do to help their team by embracing servant leadership. 

Target Audience

Scrum master, manager, leader, agile practitioner, agile coach

schedule Submitted 4 years ago