The energy teams that spend performing some sort of estimation exercise among themselves can often burn them out, put them at odds, and not foster any sort of collaboration.  Even worse, when a team is looking to take on some work and someone not a part of the team gives them the estimates rather than creating them as a team.  These sorts of challenges are present on many teams who wish to work in an incremental fashion and can have a seriously negative impact on productivity and team morale.

In this workshop participants will visit some of the typical scenarios encountered with respect to estimating backlog items, a challenge that many teams encounter on a regular basis. Attendees will revisit what a backlog item represents as well as basic concepts and reasoning behind estimation.  They will then look at four specific pitfalls that make up a tumultuous cycle around how estimates can be misunderstood, miscalculated, misinterpreted and as a result misused. 

Participants will perform exercises where they identify and share their challenges around estimation and learn a lightweight, fun and interactive approach to backlog item - level estimation that simplifies the approach and focuses on the conversation.  For those looking for an alternative way to visualize these conversations, stop by this workshop to pick up a lightweight technique to bring back to your teams. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This workshop is a mix of one way delivery, group discussion, and exercise activities centered around estimation topics.  This is a similar structure to my workshop last year on "The Tadpole Technique" that comes from one of my certified courses I provide.

  • Welcome and session introduction
  • Product Backlog Items revisited
  • Values and Principles + Estimation
  • Exercise: Sharing an experience with Estimation
  • 4-part cycle: MISsing the point
  • Exercise: Same Bucket, or Different Bucket?
  • Exercise debrief and discussion
  • Questions and closing

Learning Outcome

  • Revisit definition of Product Backlog Items and Estimation in context of popular frameworks
  • Collaborate to share experiences with estimation activities in different contexts
  • Learn how to facilitate a lightweight and interactive estimation exercise 

Target Audience

Agile Thought Leaders, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Team Members, Program Managers, Project Managers

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