Improve decisions using a value-focused prioritization framework

Does prioritizing your development portfolio seem unclear or mired in politics? Ever feel like the decisions for what gets worked on when are somewhere between arbitrary and emotional? Ever get tired of providing cost estimates for work of uncertain value?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this session is for you! Matt Barcomb will open with introductory concepts about shifting from a cost focus to a value focus for development work. Next, providing business value for user stories will be debunked. Then, a collaborative framework for prioritization, Benefit Mapping, will be discussed. Finally, Matt will end with ways to simplify the cost evaluation of work and risk.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

1) Moving from cost-focus to value-focus

- Why value is more important in conditions of uncertainty

- How to handle cost

- Considering risk

2) Using the Benefit Mapping technique

- Collaboratively create a benefits map

- Create a weighted decision-making framework

- Using a quantifiable scoring rubric

- Applying the model to project selection

3) Debunking business value and user stories

- understanding the nature and benefit of smaller user stories

- how to think about MVPs

- understanding business value at the right level

Learning Outcome

Participants will primarily learn how to use and facilitate the technique of Benefit Mapping. This technique is primarily used to make value-based prioritization decisions for Projects, MVPs, strategic initiatives and other larger chunks of work.

Additionally, attendees will learn how to identify appropriate participants for a Benefits Mapping session as well as how to apply benefits mapping to a product portfolio to create a stack-ranked prioritized list.

Finally, folks will learn about common pitfalls to getting this technique up and running and how to answer various organizational stakeholder's questions when they realize there cheese is inevitably getting moved :)

Target Audience

Anyone who cares to improve how prioritization decisions get made for the product, portfolio or organization



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