Ten Surprising Secrets for Delivering a High-Performance Agile Organization

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Many of us dream of creating Agile Organizations. Where Agile practices and Agile mindset are reflected in the results across the whole organization. Yet the approaches that are currently used are not yielding the results we hope for. Instead there are culture challenges, resistance, leadership misalignment and mixed levels of engagement. A new approach is needed.

Learn a proven path to high-performance organizations that places culture and leadership at the centre stage. You will see how to look beyond process and scaling to understand a reliable way to introduce the Agile Mindset. Discover the common traps and blocks that prevent success and how to avoid them. Learn the “Consciously Approaching Agile” approach so that you are equipped to get deep and lasting results with Agile. Discover the new behaviours that you can demonstrate to foster organizational coherence and engagement that result in high performance.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote


Learning Outcome

A proven path to organizational growth and high performance

The leadership challenges facing agile organizations

The importance of a strong culture and leader behaviours to foster empowerment and collaboration

What traditional habits and practices are holding you back

A Conscious approach to Agile

Developing organizational coherence (e.g. quality, customer delight, agility)

Overcoming culture challenges & resistance

Target Audience

Leaders, Change Agents,

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