Product-Driven Organizations: Unleashing true agility

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Are you investing in Agile coaching and not seeing an improvement in your organization? Do you consider your Agile teams high-performing but not seeing measurable business outcomes? Are your Agile teams impeded by dependencies?

Building high-performing Agile teams without re-structuring the organization for effective teaming is like building a Ferrari engine and placing it inside a tractor!

Organizations today are investing heavily in Agile Transformation in pursuit of accelerating software delivery, managing changing priorities, improving product quality and realizing early return on investment. Sadly, few are realizing the benefits promised by Agile adoption.

This talk will discuss how moving from a process-driven project-based organizational design to a product-driven organizational structure will unleash the value of Agile practices and produce measurable business results. We’ll explore what a product-driven organization is and how it works to realize the value and potential promised by Agile. Further, we’ll examine the criticality of managing organizational, technical and architectural dependencies to achieving true business agility.

Want to help your organization realize the value of Agile practices and achieve true business agility? Come hear first hand how one of the world’s automotive manufacturers is transforming into a Product-Driven organization.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Common failure patterns: why Agile teams fail to deliver the hoped for value within traditional organizational structures [5 mins]
  2. What is a Product-Driven organization [5 mins]
  3. Why Product-Driven organizations are uniquely suited to today's market conditions [10 mins]
  4. How Product-Driven organizational design + Agile practices work together synergistically to unlock value and deliver measurable business results [10 mins]
  5. Experience report from one of the world's largest automotive companies [20 mins]
  6. Q&A [10 mins]

Learning Outcome

- Understanding and describe what a Product-Driven organizational design is

- Describe common failure patterns that occur when Agile is implemented into traditional organizational structures

- Compare the value of product-driven versus process-driven organizational structures

- Understand and explain both how and why Product-Driven organizations create business agility by unlocking the value of Agile practices

Target Audience

This workshop is aimed at Executives, Change Agents, Managers and Coaches who want to engage their teams to realize the benefits of true agility. Additionally, Scrum Masters and Development Team Members will gain insights into how they can expose and infl

Prerequisites for Attendees

Foundational knowledge of Agile and business Agility

Note to organizers: This talk may be co-presented with Mike Cottmeyer

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Public Feedback

    • Ellen Grove

      Ellen Grove - Making our Mark: Drawing Together to Enhance Collaboration

      90 Mins

      Co-creating drawings helps teams enhance their systems thinking abilities by really seeing the big picture. A group of people talking around a whiteboard is an effective way to share ideas across a team. Imagine how much richer the conversation is when everyone on the team has a marker in their hand and is actively contributing! Graphic visualization is an important tool for talking about new ideas, generating insights and developing shared understanding. In a team context, drawing is a thinking tool rather than an artistic endeavour. When everyone participates in creating drawings, all team members can see how things fit together and what mental models are at play in defining the situation. And, by drawing together, the team is collaboratively creating meaningful records that are being validated and updated.

      Come along on a visual adventure into how teams can collaboratively visualize ideas and make sure that everyone at the table has a voice. In this workshop, we will warm up with some basic doodling skills practice. No drawing experience is required to take part in this session: if you can hold a marker, we can teach you the skills needed to put your ideas on paper. Together we'll consider the ways that collaborative drawing can be used to enhance group work, and we will share practical activities that you can take back to use with your team for setting the stage, gathering information, and sharing stories.

    • Sriram Natesan

      Sriram Natesan / Kat Lee / Monique Letterio - Business Agility: Lessons from the Trenches

      60 Mins

      Agile has been pervasive and proven to be successful for technology product development for more than two decades. Today more organizations are taking agile principles and practices and applying them outside of IT to their business as usual (BAU) activities such as marketing or strategy development. But how easy is this next generational aspect of Business Agility? Can an approach that was rooted in technology product development be successfully applied as an accelerator to achieve overall business efficiency and effectiveness?

      In this session, different case studies, including a large Canadian insurance provider, will demonstrate lessons learned from organizations that have taken agile principles and practices to help them drive commercial impacts, build people and their capabilities, adoption of the right mindset and behaviors, and improve performance. Some of the questions that will be addressed:

      • What does business agility mean and why does it matter?
      • How can Corporate Functions such as HR, Finance, Risk and Marketing, which are often entrenched in traditional ways of working, become agile delivery centers?
      • Do agile practitioners need to “stay true” to the principles and practices they originally learned for technology in order to be effective in the business?
      • How should agile business teams be optimally structured to align with an enterprise agile COE?
      • What can leaders learn from others’ journeys so we can determine whether agile can truly thrive outside IT and be scaled across the organization?

      If you are a Business Leader who is considering next steps on enterprise agility, organizational resilience, and a culture of adaptability, attend this session to learn valuable and pragmatic insights as you begin your own agile journey.