The Decline and Fall of Agile (and how to spot what’s next)

Agile is dead.

There. I said it.

In fact, I’ve been running sessions for the past year at open spaces titled, “Agile is Dead: Change my view” and I have yet to find a convincing counter argument.

Let’s be clear. All successful movements die, it’s inevitable. This is neither a bad thing nor a good thing, it just is.

In this session, we’ll be looking at where the Agile movement is in its life cycle, how it compares to other movements that have come and gone, and why we need to look back at the conditions that allowed Agile to grow and thrive in order to keep our eyes open for where we might be going next.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This session will be an interactive talk

Learning Outcome

The four social movement stages and which stage Agile is in

The five ways they decline and which ones are likely for Agile

What made Agile stand out and where it has lost those unique qualities

What qualities to look for in order to see what movement might come next

Target Audience

People familiar with Agile who are interested in where things are going

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic understanding of the Agile movement



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