Starting on Right foot matters a lot when is comes to Agile. Coming up with innovative approach to well begin Agile Ceremonies and leveraging Agility throughout project life cycle.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Improve Game

Technique to increase success of ceremony and practical game for demonstration.

Learning Outcome

Better Scrum every time through running ceremonies with innovation

Sprint Planning

Daily Scrum

Sprint Review and Retrospective

Target Audience

Any one who is part of Agile Project

Prerequisites for Attendees

break out sessions,




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  • Akanksha  Subhendu Bhanti

    Akanksha Subhendu Bhanti - Success Formula for Agile Projects

    Akanksha  Subhendu Bhanti
    Akanksha Subhendu Bhanti
    Agile Coach
    TD Bank
    schedule 2 years ago
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    90 Mins

    I have developed my own formula - key aspects to ensure success of Agile Projects.

    My Own Developed Method FOR Product Discovery

    How to leverage each Events to get closure to Ultimate Goal of Happy Customers.

    I will share Agile enablers and Secrete formula for Agile Project Success

    This session will bring new perspective, leverage their own contribution and performance in Agile team as individual and as a team.

    Audience will learn new method _ I call it success formula

    last but not the least how to sustain and leverage agility throughout the project life cycle.