MASTERING Soft Skills for Scrum MASTERS

As a Scrum Master, you have a great deal of responsibility to your Development Team, your Product Owner and your Organization.

Often that means your people-skills, or soft skills, will be in high demand. These skills include building empathy and trust, respect, listening skills, status-building, and many others. Unfortunately, for most Scrum Masters, these skills are not part of your certification and training, and you try to fly by the seat-of-your-pants.

This workshop will enhance your effectiveness and productivity as a Scrum Master, by giving you tools to practice your soft skills, and bridge the gap between Scrum Master certification and Advanced Scrum Master certification.

This learning event is fully interactive, with discussion and questions as needed. It will be facilitated by Valerie Senyk, CSM, CSPO, CAL1, TKP, "Agile Team Development" and "Compelling Communication" facilitator.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

In this workshop, you will be provided with ways to increase your skills as a negotiator and resolve conflicts. This learning event is fully interactive, with discussion and questions as needed.

  • Activity 1: building empathy and respect (activity: Medicine Bag) - 20 min.

  • Activity 2: building trust (activity: Stick work) - 15 min.

  • Activity 3: identifying body language (activity: and giving or taking “status”) - 15 min.

  • Activity 4: communication and problem-solving (activity: role-playing) - 35 min.

Learning Outcome

Through enjoyable and eye-opening activities you can:

  • build empathy, respect and trust

  • identify body language and give “status”

  • communicate openly, truthfully

  • problem-solve with your team

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Managers, Team Leads

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants attending this workshop must be open to mindful, emotional and (some) physical activity, and bring their whole self to it.

Non-participation or "viewing" is not an option.

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  • 40 Mins

    Success is not delivering a feature; Success is learning how to solve a customer’s problem” - Mark Cook, VP Product at Kodak

    Too often companies measure project success by comparing estimated completion dates vs actual completion dates and budgeted costs vs actual costs. Multiply this by 30-40 projects a year and they start to lose sight of the real metric that matters: the value provided to the business and their customers.

    At Index Exchange, the world’s largest independent ad exchange, we have taken a different approach. By leveraging agile and lean startup principles in our roadmapping process, we can ensure we are consistently working on tasks with the highest priority. In this session, you will learn how to use kanban, experimentation, collaboration, agile forecasting and improvement kata to maximize value and throughput from product and engineering.

  • Kemmy  Raji

    Kemmy Raji - Daily Scrum as a success driver for product delivery

    Kemmy  Raji
    Kemmy Raji
    Agile Coach
    schedule 3 years ago
    Sold Out!
    60 Mins

    How many times have you heard the Development team recite the 3 questions every morning and still fail to finish the sprint? . Daily Scrum is an avenue for the team to synchronise and not give status update. And when a team understands the value of the Daily Scrum, it can help drive the sprint’s success. During this session we will introduce participants to some tools to achieve this.

    Development teams new to Scrum are introduced to a number of routine meetings that come with the framework. One of these is the Daily Scrum, or often referred to as the Daily Standup or Standup in short - a 15 mins timeboxed meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to synchronize the status of the development team and to do this in a short and focused manner. Sadly, the Daily Scrum becomes more of a status update.

    The team answers three questions or similar variance;

    • What did I do yesterday?
    • What will I do today?
    • And any impediment?

    But when the focus is on an individual’s performance (which is what the 3 questions are about), the team depends on individual team member to execute the work. Also, Individuals are focused on their own tasks with their own concerns and have little focus on the bigger picture.

    However, by varying the questions asked and setting daily achievable goals, the daily scrum could be used to drive the success of the sprint but most importantly, product delivery.

    The topic was formulated based on data gathered from working with Development teams (new and mature) over a period of time. I will be sharing data of before and after coaching the team on how to restructure and make their daily scrum productive.

  • Marjan Pouran

    Marjan Pouran - The Secrete Sauce to Transformation Strategy

    40 Mins

    This 40 minutes session will review common mistakes of organizational transformation, outlines elements of pesuasive conversation and successful negotiation behaviors to maximize senior leadership support.

  • Akanksha  Subhendu Bhanti

    Akanksha Subhendu Bhanti - Success Formula for Agile Projects

    Akanksha  Subhendu Bhanti
    Akanksha Subhendu Bhanti
    Agile Coach
    TD Bank
    schedule 3 years ago
    Sold Out!
    90 Mins

    I have developed my own formula - key aspects to ensure success of Agile Projects.

    My Own Developed Method FOR Product Discovery

    How to leverage each Events to get closure to Ultimate Goal of Happy Customers.

    I will share Agile enablers and Secrete formula for Agile Project Success

    This session will bring new perspective, leverage their own contribution and performance in Agile team as individual and as a team.

    Audience will learn new method _ I call it success formula

    last but not the least how to sustain and leverage agility throughout the project life cycle.