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  • Smita Mishra

    Smita Mishra - Careers in Testing – Identify your SuperPower

    Smita Mishra
    Smita Mishra
    QAZone Infosystems
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    45 Mins

    Most testers follow the career path their organisation is offering them. Sometimes, this path seems dated. Specially when one compares them to other organizations which seem to be taking testing more seriously or are atleast more advanced in their approach to people and technology.

    What could be the possible options beyond a certain point as a tester? Will present certain questions to the testers - What do you enjoy doing most? What comes naturally to you? How does the competition look like? What could you potentially learn? What are the alternates or extended skills you enjoy - data science more or engineering more or something else? What are your super powers? What could be the path of least resistance to make a shift. Will share leading examples of some "popularly successful" career.

    In the 2nd half of the talk - will get the audience to engage to understand the designations and potential career paths that interests them. Will discuss out specific ambitions and goals and share what has worked for others and what could work for them & how to go about it.

1. What got you started/interested in Testing?

When I was campus placed at Nucleus Software Exports Ltd in 2001, I was assigned to the test team they were building. We were about 20 engineers from different colleges across the country. A few of these opted out and moved into other teams like Quality (Certifications) and Development. We all had the choice. I liked testing from the start and enjoyed it. Some of the things I liked about testing from the start were -  idea of exploring and not taking things on face value, and the satisfaction of highlighting key risks and participating in  the process of de-risking the applications.