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  • Ivan Krutov

    Ivan Krutov - Master-class: Bulletproof Selenium cluster

    Ivan Krutov
    Ivan Krutov
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 Mins

    Browser tests are known to be the flakiest ones. This is partly because browser infrastructure is complicated to maintain. But the second reason is – mainstream browser automation tools such as Selenium server are far from being efficient.

    During my previous talks I was speaking about Selenoid - a truly efficient replacement of the standard Selenium server. This year I would like to do a live demonstration how to organize a fault-tolerant and easily scalable Selenium cluster using virtual machines in the cloud. I will start by setting up Selenoid and show its powerful features like video recording, live tests debugging, manual testing and many more. Then I will configure Selenoid to send logs and recorded videos to S3-compatible storage. Finally we will run a Ggr load balancer instance allowing to use all running Selenoid nodes and organize a single entry point to the cluster.

1. What got you started/interested in Testing?

I just started working in a big company where I was developing software testing infrastructure.

2. What has been your best moment/highlight working with Selenium?

When we started delivering our own open-source Selenium software.

3. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by Software Testers today?

Probably, testing with machine learning algorithms.

4. Tell us about the session(s) you will be presenting at the conference and why did you choose those topics?

This will be a live demonstration of Selenoid and its core features.

5. What are some of the key takeaways from your session(s)?

1) What Selenoid is

2) How to install it

3) Why you should start using it today

6. Which sessions are you most looking forward to attending at Selenium Conf?

Everything related to software testing infrastructure.