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  • Deepak Koul

    Deepak Koul - Is quality really everyone's responsibility - The Quality Accountability conundrum

    20 Mins

    "Quality is everyone's responsibility" has to be one of those phrases which looks great on t-shirts and posters but when put into action, often fails.
    There is a funny leadership story which goes like this " There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it"
    Therefore assuming that everyone in your team (developers, designers, QEs or analysts) would be instinctively inclined to incorporating quality in their day to day work is a terrible assumption to make.
    Quality is everyone's responsibility might be true but it cannot work in isolation, it has to be supplemented with an accountability framework.
    In this talk, I am going to present exactly that framework and help people especially leaders - technical and people, implement proactive quality processes in their teams.
    The information presented in this talk does not require audience to have any technical knowledge and applies to all the roles.

1. What got you started/interested in Testing?

Honestly it was the 2007 recession. I was hired for a development job as an intern and then put on a QE team due to situation arising out of that recession.

2. What has been your best moment/highlight working with Selenium?

I thought I was becoming very famous by answering people's questions on the selenium google group. I one day got so carried away that I wrote and emailed atleast 10 tests to a person who was struggling with RC.

3. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by Software Testers today?

Developers and PMs not understanding what testing encompasses.

4. What is your advice to testers, who are new to automation?

Take it seriously. As seriously as you would take a development job.

5. Tell us about the session(s) you will be presenting at the conference and why did you choose those topics?

I am a psychology buff. I try to go deep into reasons why people make mistakes. More often than not it is an inherent psychological problem.

This is the reason I chose to present this responsibility accountability problem.

6. What are some of the key takeaways from your session(s)?

What actually is the responsibility of each role in a project team towards maintaining software quality.

7. Which sessions are you most looking forward to attending at Selenium Conf?

Everything and as much as except mobile automation.

8. Any personal message/remarks you want to share with the Testing community in Asia?

Support each other and question things.