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About 5 years ago everyone was talking about “Mobile First” and giving the user a mobile experience using mobile web, native and hybrid applications. Now, the new buzzword is AI. Not a day goes by without people or articles mentioning some sort of AI development happening in the industry. It is everywhere, in self-driving cars, speech recognition (people sure do love their Alexa :-)), computer vision, healthcare, fintech and now in software testing. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are advancing at a rapid pace. Companies like Apple, Tesla, Google, Amazon, Facebook and others have started investing more into AI to solve different technological problems in the areas of healthcare, autonomous cars, search engines, predictive modeling and much more. Applying AI is real. It’s coming fast. It’s going to affect every business, no matter how big or small. This being the case how are we as Testers going to adapt to this change and embrace AI? Also, in the era of where we want to automate everything, how is AI going to influence the way we do test design and automation? Come join this session, where I cover the basics of AI, discuss the key ways test automation can benefit from AI and the challenges involved in implementing AI based solutions. Attending this session will help anyone to get started with AI based testing.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Talk Outline

Learn the basics of AI

  • Quick intro on what it is
  • Difference between AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • What is Deep Learning
  • Supervised Learning with real examples
    • We give the right data for the algorithm to learn
  • Unsupervised Learning with real examples
    • We give a bunch of data and see what relationships you can find
  • Reinforced Learning with real examples
    • Concept of Reward Function. Reward Good/Bad Behavior
    • E.g. Training a Dog
  • Ask people to use an application with AI for a quick interactive exercise and show example of AI in real application
    • Quick Draw from Google

Challenges with Software Testing Automation

  • Discuss challenge of Skill set, authoring initialization, maintenance and scale

How AI can help to solve these challenges

  • Discuss Dynamic Locators and AI with Demo

Future of AI in software testing

  • Discuss different ways AI is being used and will be used in the future

Learning Outcome

Attendees will get to know the basics of AI, how to test AI based applications and how it is influencing software testing

Target Audience

Anyone interested to know the basics of AI and how to test AI based systems

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing needed



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