Tired of boring meetings and painful processes to arrive at group decisions?

Creating an engaging experience while ensuring a safe space is hard - especially if you need participants to feel comfortable being vulnerable and authentic.

One way around this is to introduce Liberating Structures. You may already be unknowingly familiar with them. For example, did you know Open Space is one of the many Liberating Structures?

Simple, structured and alternative ways of how people work together, Liberating Structures provide various approaches for engaging groups. They help generate clear and concise decision-making, while creating a fun and appealing environment.

Attend this energizing session where you will learn about and practice various Liberating Structures. You’ll leave being able to apply several Liberating Structures next time you need to work with a group.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

0-10 minutes: Describe the history and structure of Liberating Structures and why they work
10-100: experience at least 5 different Liberating Structures in varied formats and understand when they are best use and it's purpose

Learning Outcome

  • Explain the underlying microstructure of Liberating Structures
  • Describe and re-enact at least 5 Liberating Structures
  • Use and outline each LS for it's appropriate application and when it's most appropriate

Target Audience

ScrumMasters, Coaches, Team members - anyone looking to engage their teams

Prerequisites for Attendees

Be open to movement and participation. Bring your vulnerable and authentic self.


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