Bake up a Loaf of Delicious, Organic, High-Performing Teams

Baking bread requires many hard and soft skills, from knowing exactly how to knead and proof dough to envisioning how different flavors come together to create these mouth-watering crumbly morsels. Much more than the act of measuring, mixing, kneading and baking, great bread takes a good recipe and experience. It’s kind of like creating high-performing teams.

In this session, Agile Master Bakers Kerri Sutey and Trey Henderson share their recipe for creating organic high-performing teams. Key ingredients include vision, trust, technical environment, respect, and a culture that supports growth and collaboration. Learn practical tips for baking up a batch of high-performing teams, including how to fold in empathy and compassion and remove toxic ingredients like gossip and micro-managment that can prevent teams from rising (pun intended!) to the occasion.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Workshop will follow TBR approach including the 4Cs (Connections, Concepts, Concrete Practice, Conclusions) - will include interactive activities in each section

(10 min) Welcome - Intros and Set the Stage for workshop

(10 min) Overview of High-Performing Teams. Connections Activity: Tables share experiences of being on a high performing team and what that felt like.

(30 min) Create the Container (Gathering the Ingredients): Vision, skills, environment are only a part of what's needed. Trust, respect, collaboration, growth, a whole heart, accountability for results, commitment, courage and focus are the key ingredients to creating the right container for a high-performing team. Concrete Practice Activity: Creating the Container.

(30 min) Enhance Communication (Prepping the Dough). Finding yourself below the line rather than above it? We'll do a Concepts/Concrete Practice activity that allows the participants to explore how to spot their biases and reactive tendencies and determine what, if any changes, are needed to support their teams.

(30 min) Build the Right Connections (Cooking the Bread). In this section the group will explore the behaviors that are toxic or that negatively impact the team's ability to become high performing through a triad activity. The outcome will include a graphic organizer that they can take away (kind of like a recipe card!)

(10 min) Close/Conclusion Activity and final discussion

Learning Outcome

After completing this session, attendees can expect the following:

  • Understanding the importance of a healthy container, communication and connections needed to build a high-performing team.
  • Walk away with a recipe card on how to establish a healthy container, increase communication, and maintain connections on your team
  • Describe the visible and invisible characteristics of high-performing teams
  • Define and know different techniques to build a healthy container
  • Know the impact of stifling communication on a team and how to apply the antidote
  • Practical activities to help encourage a team to work together as a single cohesive unit

Target Audience

Coaches, Scrum Masters, Team Members, People Managers, Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Be a part of an Agile Team; Coach of Agile Teams

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    • Trey Henderson

      Trey Henderson - The Time Where We Made It Up! Getting Your Team to Say Yes &

      Trey Henderson
      Trey Henderson
      Agile Coach
      Booz Allen Hamilton
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      60 Mins

      It's ok to have a little fun with your team. "Yes, and" in the improv world is perhaps one of the most referenced principles. As a team, you meet your customers where they are and build on it. We will explore different ways for you and your team to say yes, and. The practice of improv on your team will help you become more comfortable and adept at thinking on your feet, staying present, feel more confident, make decisions more easily, develop stronger connections to others, build trust, and access your innate creativity. This presentation will explore different techniques to help integrate improv benefits to your team though experiences I've tried with other teams.

    • 60 Mins

      This is a story of courage, empathy, and taking accountability. It's a story of the individual spirit and the perseverance of teams. It's a story of long lasting personal change. Four months ago I joined 5 other women on the hike of our lifetime - to reach the rooftop of Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro (19,341 ft). But the story doesn't begin at the base of the mountain. It begins several months earlier, with an invitation.

      During this discussion, I will share the impact my YES response had on my life and those of the fabulous women in my group. The entire experience from preparation, to reaching the summit, to taking that first glorious shower, resulted in a deeper understanding of the power of vulnerability, courage and empathy that each of us has within us. When we choose to be fully present, and bring our whole selves to opportunities and challenges, something magical happens. The wisdom I gained from learning when to lean on the group and when to step back, when they needed my full self and when I needed self-care, has changed my life forever.

      I invite you to join me in the discussion about the impact of our Yes responses! About transforming ourselves into confident, courageous humans whether we are desperately sucking in thin air or hugging each other in rejoice.