TDD - Double-entry book-keeping for software

This session is designed to help business people understand how writing automated unit tests while writing software is the equivalent of double-entry booking in accounting.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Basics of Double-Entry Book-keeping (history, purpose, example)

Automated Unit Tests - What are they? Purpose. Examples

How TDD (Writing Automated Unit Tests while coding) is like Double-Entry Book-keeping. Rationale, Demo, Examples

Maybe a hands-on exercise


Learning Outcome

Understand the value of writing automated tests *at the same time* as the production code.

Understand how TDD prevents defects and SAVES time and effort

Target Audience

Non-technical decision makers, product owner, project managers, architects and unit-testing-skeptical developers

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic familiarity with double entry book would help but I'll explain how that works before launching into the comparison with unit testing.


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