“What do you do?”

It’s a frequent first question asked at parties, networking events, and bad dates. And sadly, the answer often includes the word “just”.

Perhaps a more interesting question is, “Who are you?”. But, how do you answer? Often, our identity is dominated by our professional image. However, even those that “live to work” have other facets which may contain hidden value.

In this session, Damian uses humor, improv, personal stories, and more to examine our identities, explore our interests, and find inspiration from unexpected sources. Join him to laugh, learn, and “unjust yourself” as you rediscover Who You Are!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

At a very, high-level:

1) introduction and crowd work leading to

2) an examination of labels

3) understanding anxiety

4) understanding who you are

5) developing who you can be

Learning Outcome

A deeper understanding and appreciation for all you are and can be (which helps folks realize that value they do and can bring in their professional...and personal...life)

Target Audience

Anyone who has a self-image and uses labels. Everyone.

Prerequisites for Attendees

no prereqs

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