About 1 year ago, I began speaking professionally. About 3 years ago, I began speaking at conferences. About 40 years ago, I began speaking.

In this informal, educational, and enjoyable session, I will offer lessons learned from a lifetime of talking. I will share, and we will discuss (among other things):

Why – I began speaking at conferences, and why you might, too.
What – topics I select, and which might work for you.
How – I create a talk, and how you develop ideas.

Come prepared to ask and answer questions as we collaboratively converse, and “talk about talking”!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

I start with a brief intro, and then spend roughly 20 minutes each on Why, What, and How (as described in my abstract), offering my answers and opinion and opening the floor for others.

Learning Outcome

Using the knowledge and experience of myself and others to help folks decide if/how to become a public/professional speaker.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in public/professional speaking

Prerequisites for Attendees


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