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Agile is all about change. Not only during the initial transformation, but continually as products evolve and approaches are improved. Therefore, it is important as Agile practitioners that we can lead our teams through the emotional and behavioral adjustments that are required to ensure these changes are a success.

Much like the seasons of the year, we as humans have a cycle that is experienced each time change is encountered. And as leaders, each of us has a particular style that may be more suited towards certain phases of change, and less suited for others.

Does your leadership style address all seasons? Whether you are seeding new ideas in Spring, planning in the Summer, experimenting throughout the Fall, or embedding in the Winter; it is important to understand your leadership style and how it aligns with the perspectives of the team.

Attendees of this session will be provided with a simple but powerful tool to assess their individual leadership style, how it aligns with the current 'season' of change, and what they can do to help others adapt and thrive. Through a combination of real-world experiences, illustrative analogies, and the latest findings in neuroscience; this session takes an engaging and interactive approach on how to tackle a complicated and vital subject...addressing all human needs when implementing change.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • People are different, but also the same (neuroscience and differing perspectives)
  • All perspectives are valuable, but no single perspective is complete
  • We each have the ability to learn and address others’ perspectives
  • INTERACTION: examples of different audience perspectives using optical illusions
  • Change occurs in a pattern, and each phase aligns with a different perspective
  • Personal stories regarding how different perspectives have impacted change
  • Explanation of the framework and how it relates to the 'seasons' analogy
  • Quick (4 question) self-assessment to identify personal leadership style and provide examples
  • INTERACTION: utilizing handout and raising of hands/standing to identify audience leadership styles
  • INTERACTION: discussion between audience participants on how they view their own leadership style
  • Audience generated (personal Agile related) example exercise to demonstrate how to apply the framework
  • The 'seasons' of Agile transformations and how they align with leadership styles
  • How to identify the 'season' being experienced by those you are leading
  • How to adjust your leadership style to match with the 'season' of change
  • INTERACTION: scenario exercise on how to identify and address the needs of each 'season'
  • Summary and review of handout reference

Learning Outcome

- Understanding the four phases all humans experience during change as defined by neuroscience and psychology research

- Identifying your own default leadership style and how that perspective aligns with these phases

- Aligning each phase to Agile methodologies and what challenges to expect

- How to determine the current phase being experienced by your team

- Tips on how to adjust your leadership style to align with the current phase

Target Audience

Attendees who are interested in the human side of Agile transformations and are looking for new approaches to understand the perspectives of others, coach team members through change, and embed an Agile mindset into their organization.



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    • Elisabeth White
      Elisabeth White
      CapTech Consulting
      schedule 2 years ago
      Sold Out!
      60 Mins

      It's inevitable, and almost unavoidable, that Professionals of all skill-sets and experience will encounter "coaching up" situations. In this session, I will review three coaching techniques that can be used in Sr Leader and "coaching up" scenarios. These techniques will provide participants with new/alternative ways to prepare for, engage, follow up, and reflect with Sr Leaders. These techniques are heavily based in the core values of openness, courage, and respect and rooted in the fundamentals of cultural and human interaction.

    • Yvonne Chen

      Yvonne Chen - #LikeaBoss: Taking Your Team to Meeting Heaven

      Yvonne Chen
      Yvonne Chen
      CapTech Consulting
      schedule 2 years ago
      Sold Out!
      60 Mins

      Meetings are a necessity of doing business. And too often, meetings are simply painful – without leaders, agendas, or people just tuning out. Too many meetings drag on and on because a lot of folks just don’t know how to run a good meeting.

      If you want to hold better meetings for your team, then this talk is for you.

      Yvonne Chen will share her experience, insight, and actionable techniques and tips that you can apply to any meeting. This talk covers:

      • 6 things you should you be doing when you’re facilitating a meeting
      • 6 tips and tools you can deploy during a meeting to make sure it stays on track
      • 6 tips and techniques you can turn to when you have to wrangle someone who’s sucking all the oxygen out of the room ;)
      • 4 skills that will set you apart as a facilitator

      Come learn about how you can own a meeting #likeaboss and really mean it when you say, “Thanks, everyone - good meeting!”