When we look at culture change that works, it's the result of deliberately practicing as a leadership team, and within teams at all levels. How and what can your leadership team practice to create positive cultural change in your organization? Let's explore what research and real-world experimentation results can teach us.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Section one - what neuroscience and behavioral economics tell us about group decision making and habit change (including definition of deliberate practice and how that applies to coaching and agility)

Section two - what personal experience (from several large transformation experts) tells us about successful transformation and group behavioral practice

Section three - brief workshop: what experiments might we take back to our leadership teams to begin our behavioral change practice

Learning Outcome

- understand how to apply deliberate practice and incremental group habit change in creating lasting, positive organizational change

Target Audience

Executives, senior leaders, and coaches to the same

Prerequisites for Attendees


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