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Stop building stuff people don't want! Develop empathy for your customer and delight them with a high value product they love. Let go of assumptions that lower the value of the product you deliver. Leave this workshop with a framework that you can go and implement TOMORROW!

We will use the Stanford d.school's Wallet Project to teach you design thinking concepts through a fast-paced exercise where you will take a product though a full design cycle. Build empathy, ideate, & move to action by building a prototype. Get feedback by testing your solution and ultimately create a product that is useful and meaningful to your partner!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

5 min. Introduction of who we are, agenda, ground rules

95 min. Wallet Design Sprint

Key elements in this time block are:

      1. Design an Ideal wallet
      2. Debrief on Ideal Wallet
      3. Partners interview each other about wallet contents
      4. Dig Deeper with second interview
      5. Capture Findings of interviews
      6. Take a stand with a point of view
      7. Ideate on 5 radical ways to meet needs
      8. Share solution and capture feedback
      9. Reflect and generate a new solution
      10. Build the solution
      11. Share solution and get feedback.

20 min. Debrief

Structured Debrief exploring:

How the experience felt

What people noticed in an empathy-based design vs. what they typically do

How these lessons can be taken back and applied in their every day work

Learning Outcome

Experience a design approach

Gain some shared vocabulary

Get a taste of each design "mode" (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test).

See the value of engaging with real people to help you ground your design decisions

Take an iterative approach to product design

A bias toward action - start doing and iterate

Target Audience

Product Owners, Product Managers, Product Designers

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisite knowledge is required.


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