Career Paths in the Age of Acceleration: A Well Crafted Roadmap or A Drunkard’s Walk?

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The rules of this game have certainly changed! Studies indicate that by the year 2030, half of jobs will be ones that don’t exist today and half the jobs of today will no longer exist. The volatility, uncertainty, and ambiguity ushered in by our current Age of Acceleration extends not just to our environment, politics, and communities; but to our organizations as well. In response, organizations are undergoing a massive transformation in technology, structure, culture, and values—fundamentally changing not only what we work on, but how we work, and who we work with.

Where does this leave our careers? If answering the question, ‘Where do you see yourself five years from now?’ leaves you feeling stuck, uncertain, confused, and/or anxious, you are not alone.

Join us for “Career Paths in the Age of Acceleration”. In this interactive session, a look back at your career and look ahead at organizational and cultural trends, and new and emerging roles will build the awareness and confidence for you to take control of the wheel. Design your north star to navigate a fulfilling career aligned to the future of work and guided by your Ikigai (reason for being).


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Session Flow:
00:00 - 00:03 - POLL: How do you feel when you hear the question: “What do you see yourself five years from now?”
Confident, Confused, Uncertain, Stuck, Anxious
00:03 - 00:05 - Introduction to Speaker
00:05 - 00:10 - The Career Ladder
My Career Ladder - A well crafted roadmap.
00:10 - 00:15 - My Reality - A drunkards walk.
Introduce the Career Journey Map
Concrete Practice:
00:15 - 00:25 - ACTIVITY: Capture your Journey (Sheets of paper with a grid will provided)
00:25 - 00:40 - DISCUSSION: Triad Share
00:40 - 00:45 - DEBRIEF:
What did you notice?
What were the most intriguing career transitions?
What did it tell you about your journey so far?
00:45 - 00:50 - Organizational and Cultural Trends Affecting the World of Work
00:50 - 00:55 - New and emerging roles
Concrete Practice:
00:55 - 00:65 - ACTIVITY: Rotate and Build - Skills & Competencies needed for the new roles
00:65 - 00:70 - READOUT
00:70 - 00:80 - BREAK
00:80 - 00:85 - Introduce Ikigai
Concrete Practice:
00:85 - 00:95 - ACTIVITY: Individual Capture:
What you love, what you are good at, what people are willing to pay for, what can you offer the world.
00:95 - 01:00- POLL:
Rate your current job - how many of these does it fulfill? (0, 1, 2, 3, 4).
01:00 - 01:05 - PAIR SHARE
What do you want more of?
What new and emerging role will help you get more of that?
What do you need to do next to move in that direction?
01:05 - 01:15 - Strategies to get there.
00:15 - 00:20: - Conclusion and Thank You.
A variation of this workshop was conducted for a Women In Agile Meetup. It was well received and I was encouraged to offer it as a conference session.

Learning Outcome

  • Recognize how our career trajectories are less predictable than we think.
  • Build awareness and confidence to take back control of your career.
  • Discover your North Star to help you navigate a deeply fulfilling career aligned to the future of work and guided by your Ikigai.

Target Audience

Agile Team Members, Scrum Masters, Agile Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees



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