Using the game "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes", we'll explore and highlight teamwork, communication, developing shared language, creating a shared understanding, and so much more. This session will be an interactive session for a small group, with other observing; with multiple rounds, pretty much anyone and everyone who wants to participate will be able to, but no one will be forced to participate! This is a very practical team activity, which easily scales beyond the team, and works well in-person, but even better with distributed teams as we explore the ways we need to interact when not co-located.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Brief introduction to this session.

Brief introduction to the activity (most of the learning comes through the actual activity, which is one of the debrief points which will be explored).

Multiple rounds of the hands-on activity (multiple rounds, which allows this workshop a lot of flexibility in timing - anywhere between 60-120 minutes, especially with a larger group, has worked well in the past). Each round is 5-6 minutes, however it feels like to time at all. The debrief of each round can last from 2 to 20 minutes, however 10 is a quite typical average. The first rounds are usually shorter debriefs of observations as folks figure things out.

Closing debrief, and additional notes to facilitate this with your own team.

Learning Outcome



Working agreements

Impacts of fractional allocation

Specialization vs generalization

Silos and handoffs

Shared language

Overcoming communication overhead with distributed teams

And other stuff, too

Target Audience

This is a perfect session for anyone who works on a team, works with a team, leads a team, knows someone on a team, or knows how to spell team.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Just come with an open mind, thinking about what team dynamics you've seen in your experiences. We're going to see all of that, and more, and explore what we can do with it. And, while this workshop does involve participation, not everyone needs to participate, unless they want to.



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