Daily Scrum: Foster teamwork with just in time planning!

Is your daily scrum lethargic? Does your team often accomplish the sprint goal? Does it ever?
How often have you heard the development team recite the 3 questions every day yet fail to finish the sprint?

When the focus is on an individual’s progress and task, the success of the sprint depends on an individual team member to execute the work. Team members who focus on their own tasks and concerns often have little interest in the bigger picture: the team commitment. However, a team who understands the value of the daily scrum can use it to have a successful sprint.

The value of a daily scrum to create high visibility progress and a short, focused feedback loop is not realized in many Agile teams. The Daily Scrum then becomes more of a status update, adding little value to anyone, let alone the project.

During this session, participants will learn how development teams can shift the daily scrum from a status meeting, to a high impact ‘just in time planning’ and synchronization. By varying the questions asked and setting daily achievable team goals, teams quickly shift into higher performance and workplace happiness Using examples and data from real teams, participants will learn how to restructure the daily scrum to improve their team success and performance


Outline/Structure of the Talk

We will discuss the purpose of the daily scrum, how it can counter-productive for the team if misused, and how to shift this practice into high value. This talk is interactive with discussion and questions as needed.

0.00- Opening - Introduction to Daily Scrum: Small table group discussion on their experiences with daily scrums.

0.10- Simulate an Anti-pattern Daily Scrum with participants. - Improv game on collaboration

0.20- Team Data & Stories of Daily Scrums Explore the patterns of daily scrums in development teams and how they improved with shifts in how they used it. Data collected from real teams over time is shared, and participants will be engaged to consider the impact of different choices made in daily scrums. Attendees will learn the importance of daily scrums and how they are used as a driver for success and also, powerful questions they can use to dramatically shift the impact of their own scrums.

0.40- Improv exercises on Collaboration and teamwork

0.50 Debrief - Question and Answer

0.60- End of Session

Learning Outcome

  • Be able to describe the effectiveness of a daily scrum
  • Can identify daily scrum anti-patterns
  • Will recognize the effects of restructuring the focus of a daily scrum
  • Learn powerful questions they can apply with their team immediately

Target Audience

Development team, Project manager, Scrum Master, scrum team

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knowledge and/or interest in Scrum


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