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The challenges of product development are not about products. They are about interpersonal relations.

The empathic component is what makes a product manager special.

In a field that values objective performance, spending your time on empathic interaction is perceived as a waste of time because is not measurable. But there is a connection between empathy and other outcomes, such as enhanced team buy-in, smoother communication and information exchange. Empathy is key to building great products. Give it to your office community, and they will love you.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


more details: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CVDPBjZc_abDZyEYcOvxkHF0AkwEJBVB/view?usp=sharing

with a discussion / question & answer period to follow

Learning Outcome

First address the emotional, then move on to the informational aspects.

Empathy equity built through patient questioning, physical exam and factual information obtained through computerized tests allow physicians to recommend behaviour changes that will last a lifetime. Use a similar approach with your office stakeholders.

You’re the one who will be trusted enough to tell them what should be built and why.

Interactions are crucial to the development and maintenance of that trust. During the initial phase of the process, you must not only identify but also understand the basis of your colleagues feelings. Every input, idea and feature request you get from them should be an opportunity to create a bond. Reassure them that you will seek to understand the various aspects of the product, will examine the data and seek to understand their perspective better.

Target Audience

all levels

Prerequisites for Attendees

None of the work I do happens in a vacuum which is why we must learn to influence; not direct. Remain aware of company culture while managing the product system to build social capital. Earned social capital allows us to influence the success of product roadmaps.
  • What problem are we trying to solve?
  • What are the goals we are trying to satisfy?
  • Ok, let's hammer a way forward



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