Replacement talk - ten-years-after-adopting-agile


As the future approaches us more and more rapidly, we feel the impact of the choices we make today sooner and with more force. This talk offers practical advice on how to drive and deliver value to a business continuously by building systems that scale to the needs of a business working towards an unknown future.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

We will begin by explain why the future is unknown, and why this presents an amazing opportunity for those that embrace the unknown. 

Following that we will explain the challenges and pitfalls that most traditional approaches fall foul of when working in an unknown future.

Then we will present what has worked for us at Bilue and our clients, and why we think embracing the unknown is the brightest future of all.


Learning Outcome

How to make decisions when you don't fully grasp the future. What types of decisions are appropriate to make, and the cadence of decision making.

Target Audience

Technical Leaders, Design Leaders, Product Owners & Business Stakeholders

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic understanding of the concepts of test driven development, continuous delivery and Lean would be beneficial. An interest in making the most of future technology channels would also be beneficial.

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