Agile delivery is like a hill-climbing program. It's perfectly capable of delivering a foothill of value when there's an Everest right next door. It's simply not designed to find Everest.

Pirate Canvas is a simple way to fix that. It combines Dave McClure's Pirate Metrics, Eli Goldratt's Throughput Accounting, and Gojko Adzic's Impact Mapping to quantify the broadest possible frame of a business case. It answers three critical questions:

* How do you boil constraints and drivers down to a formal Epic Landscape?

* How do you break your business out of a bad business case?

* How do you identify and quantify your unquestioned business, design and technical assumptions?

In this session we'll examine two real world examples of the use of a Pirate Canvas - the growth of a new business ecosystem for India's largest retail tea franchise, and the definition of a transformation program at America's largest pharmaceutical retail services corporation. And we'll play with the technique hands-on by combining it with Leadership as a Service.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

10 minutes on Pirate Metrics, Impact Mapping, and Throughput Accounting.
10 on real world examples of Pirate Canvas,
20 minutes hands-on use of the technique by session participants.

5 minutes Q&A

Learning Outcome

Understanding the application of breadth-first design to Change and Delivery Programs.

Practical understanding of how to apply Pirate Canvas to client programs and your own business.

Understanding how to continuously reprioritise to open Market Bottlenecks.

Target Audience

Executives, Product/Portfolio Managers, Architects, Coaches, PMOs.

Prerequisites for Attendees




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