Putting the 'Lean' into Lean portfolio -Transforming the way we think and manage work at scale

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Creating an allocation approach is difficult in environments of increasing uncertainty and growing scale. In an organisational context, there's a tendency to default to SAFE's Lean Portfolio Management as a 'lean' response. Having managed Investment Planning in a corporate context for several years, there's an opportunity to integrate lighter, less formalised methods to categorise, prioritise & manage portfolio worktypes.

The desired outcomes are the place to start - the basis of decision-making is a bias to value.

Components of Lean Portfolio Management such as value streams & Quarterly Investment Review (QIR) can be used with more standardised portfolio planning processes.

This talk will review some of the key things to know and do to help transform your portfolio of work to enable Organisational Agility


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

5 min: Introducing my definition of the 'Lean' of Lean portfolio management

10 min: Lean prioritisation models

10 min: Doing lean portfolio management by starting with desired outcomes

5 min: Summary & Suggestions for trying in your own organisations

Learning Outcome

Participants will walk away with insights on the challenges and opportunities in transforming how you manage portfolios at scale; & options for doing so

Practical examples of lean portfolio management that could be applied in your own organisations

Target Audience

Anyone who works at the enterprise level

Prerequisites for Attendees

Enterprise level transformation experience

Stories (and scars) working across portfolios; with PMOs;

Interest in the challenges of managing dependencies & managing agile at scale

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