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Working on a software product team can be quite a terrifying experience for new employees, especially when you are a round peg in the square holes.

A year go, I landed in the biggest tech company in town as a non-technical person on a technical team. Looking back on a year full of adventures and scary challenges, I’m here to share with you:

  • What to expect in the world of code, API, kanban, MVP and DevOps
  • The candid (sometimes, painful) lessons on how individuals can prepare for, survive and thrive in this kind of environment

Outline/Structure of the Talk


  • What it is like to develop product the “MYOB” way
  • Life in a software development team: team setup, roles & responsibilities and how we get s**t done
  • Case study: how a small agile team builds and grows a gaming-changing compliance solution for our 1.2 million customers
  • Opportunities and challenges for a non-technical person on a product team

Group discussion:

  • How does your company approach product development? How have you contributed to a technology project as a non-technical Person?


  • What I have learned about fitting in the hard way
  • Recap: survival kit for transitioning and thriving in a scary place of tech madness

Final discussion:

  • In your experience, what worked? What didn’t? And why?

Learning Outcome

  • An understanding of how big tech companies approach agile product development
  • An understanding of how individuals can contribute to the development process
  • Understanding of what to expect when starting out on a product team
  • Tips for transitioning/thriving in a product team

Target Audience

Anyone who is bold enough to give software development a crack

Prerequisites for Attendees

This is an entry level talk and you do not require any prior technical knowledge to attend.

Just an open mind and a willingness to share your story!

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