Liberating Structures - An overview of powerful workshop formats

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The Liberating microstructures (K. McCandless & H. Lipmanowicz) are a repertory of workshop formats that enable collective intelligence and enhance trust among the participants.

Inclusivity, collective intelligence, collaboration, innovation; these words resonate a lot in today's business world where compagny tries to keep up with a growing complexity.
And that's why every change agent, leader or facilitator needs to know about Liberating structures.

This workshop will be an interactive overview of the liberating microstructures, making every participant aware of the diversity of Liberating formats available.
After a quick introduction to the subject, the participants will investigate the framework to finish with the key principles behing the liberating structures.

Outline/Structure of the Workshop

1. Introducing the Liberating Structures
2. Exploring the LS (groups of 7)
3. Consensus Workshop : get the key principles of every LS (groups)

Learning Outcome

- Discover the LS workshops formats and be ready to try one back in your company
- All together: determining the key principles behing the Liberating microstructures

Target Audience

Change Agents, Facilitators, Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

None, come as you are.

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