Systems thinking to the rescue: the magic of value stream mapping

location_city Canberra schedule Sep 21st 10:45 - 11:25 AM people 16 Interested

"Everyone is already doing their best; the problems are with the system … only management can change the system." —W. Edwards Deming

Systems thinking is a very powerful approach to have a holistic view of the system/organisation and optimise the whole. Value stream mapping is a very powerful systems thinking tool used to identify the most important parts of the system/organisation that need to be optimised. In this session we will use collaborative learning technique to learn value stream mapping and systems thinking in action.

We will explore concepts like:

- Lead time

- Process time

- Percent complete and accurate

- Activity ratio

- DevOps


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

10 minutes presentation on value stream mapping and systems thinking

30 minutes practical exercise using value stream mapping in action

Learning Outcome

learning how to apply value stream mapping in your organisations and identifying what are the real areas that need optimisation within your team and delivery pipeline

Target Audience

Executives, leaders, managers, Scrum masters, coaches, DevOps leads, any member of an agile team.

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